A character made by insecure women (about 10+). A male would have super spiky hair about 1-2 feet tall and have leather. Anime characters have a mysterious background to get all the fan-girls to go crazy. The females have long hair that's blue,red,yellow, etc. they have innocent backgrounds and have breast sizes bigger than their heads. They also have huge asses and nice legs.
Guy : Yo did you see that anime character on Naruto?

Guy2 : Yea, she's pretty hot.

Girl : You two are sexual pigs, you need to recognize the insecurity of women these days instead of looking at these anime characters.

*Girl fantasizes about another anime character*
by Ponies69 April 23, 2009
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Basically... those characters who only trait is getting kidnapped or obsessing over a male character... So, no matter who that character saves, heals, or destroys.... he/she will always be useless in the eyes of a fan.. (I mean fans.. not friggen die heart, obsessive things who think they know absolutely everything about that said anime
Major examples of a useless anime characters: Sakura Haruno... The annoying pink haired... thing: "Oh, Sasuuukunnn!! Pleeeaasee let me bear your children.!! ANything for Sasuukuunn!!

Normal Fans: Goddamnit! Shut up
The fugly fans of Naruto who "Know everything" :Yeah, you go Useless character! You'll get Sasuke... even if you have to rape him!

Normal fans: looks at the fuglies and gets to safety away from the things.

Next one, is Orihime from Bleach. She may be a cool character, but she is in the line of being the useless character.

Yamcha from DBZ is pretty self explanatory.....
by Sasukee Uchihaa October 18, 2013
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Your favorite type of anime character not nessersarlly a real fettish also known as A.C.F
Guy one: Hey what's your acf(anime character fettish)
guy 2 : Red haired chicks
by RedHairedAnimeLover29 August 11, 2018
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A wiki website that also provides information to people that participate in useless fictional debates in vs forums. This website focuses mainly on anime, manga and visual novel characters. However, they tend to fan wank the living hell out of anime and manga characters and stories and downplay anything that isn't made in Japan. In other words, the people in this website are massive, obsessive weeaboos, otakus and anime fantards.
Anime Characters Fight is a wikia with massive fantards of anime that will downplay anything that isn't Japanese and fan wank anime, manga, eroge and visual novels to astronomical proportions.
by Wahrsager350 July 12, 2015
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noun. A disease attributed to many anime side characters that are initially introduced as interesting, powerful, or popular characters that get incredibly nerfed by the plot to make the main protagonist look better by comparison.
Rock Lee and Neji used to be dope characters before they all caught Anime Side-Character Syndrome (ASS) in Naruto Shippuden.
by ChidoriSnake September 4, 2019
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more commonly referred to its short name, "CANCER", this is the ability to be able to tell automatically which female character in the the anime is going to be "best girl". this is considered a sixth sense to some fans, while to others a superpower.
the compounded anime neural character exposure response takes anime fans by storm.
by 🥑🧀 September 18, 2018
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