I don't like your opinion. I don't agree with you.
Person a to person b: Omg, your apartment is no nice from outside but your living room is so dirty.

Person b: omg. You are racist.
by RAF_sd January 21, 2021
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Guys stop swearing and saying slurs. This is a dictionary website not a website where we can be racist
by Stop being racist August 1, 2021
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a person who has just practised acts of affirmative racism 3 minutes ago: “you can't be racist to white people”
by the riverside October 8, 2023
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Is a sentence that people love to use when they don't know how to defend their faves in other ways so they decides to victimize racism and hurt pocs. Stop using racism when it benefits you.
Nctzen: "we really need to discuss how insert an idol did blackface and should be hold accountable". Or "I don't think insert an idol is a better than mines" or "nct outsold"
Insert fandom name: "Well atleast my faves aren't racists" or "but you stan racists." "worry about your own faves that are racist!!"
by Seulgisf4iry July 2, 2021
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