The day that Columbus set foot in America.
If you think he didn't, you're a moron. Yes. he wasn't the first European to set foot in America, that was Leif Erikson. However, Leif didn't make monumental colonies spreading across the continent. This makes Columbus the third person not from America to step there -- first was Leif Erikson, then Mansa Musa's predecessor, then Columbus.

And no, this day doesn't celebrate the deaths of native Americans...
History fanatic, learn history.
Happy Columbus day, mate!
Happy Columbus day!
by Sylaswwww July 30, 2021
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A holiday celebrated by Italians in all major US cities. In Denver, white liberals whine and fuss, claiming the celebration is racist and genocidal.

Very strangely, in San Francisco, the white liberals don't dare to interfere with the Italians.
Let's go march in the Columbus Day parade and offend a legion of white liberals!
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 13, 2005
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The day every school has school off, while our lady of lourdes has school in session. The day that a few students from our beloved Christopher Columbus high school gave us the priveledge of venerating their school idol by running through our lady of lourdes academy with nothing but a mask to cover their faces and little thongs to cover their pride.
I hope we see some guys streaking today. It is Columbus day.
by HotRed2434 May 23, 2006
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The day that began the 300+ year genocide of Native Americans. A sad day for us.
40,000,000 Native Americans were killed from the 1500's to the mid 1900's.
by Ihsahn November 21, 2004
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Another name would be Massacre Day. The day that supposedly marks the landing of Columbus(who is not the one who discovered America) and which in turn started Native American genocide by the English and Spanish.
Columbus landed on Columbus day and in a month had enlsaved and/or killed every Native on the island.
by Jerry November 30, 2003
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" as crazy as hitler day"
Dude1- what yo doin' columbus day?
Dude2- If you heard i was celebratin' that's a world-wide LIE!
by Gwando November 9, 2003
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A small window of opportunity you can walk into a store and take at your own risk what you want without paying ; e.g. after a natural disaster or social unrest or war. The sale does not have to occur on any specific day, but it requires certain conditions. It is illegal in almost all circumstances, with the exception of some areas which have been devastated by a disaster and for which taking certain items is necessary for basic survival.
On a Columbus Day Sale, the real cost maybe your life.
by mlhiss October 16, 2019
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