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to get rid of someone, not talk to anymore, pretend you never met them
After she cheated on me, she was blacklisted from me and all my friends
by blaklistd November 09, 2008
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Originally stemming from fear of Communism (ie the red-scare),it means you were suspected of being involved in Communism, and were put on a list with other such people, though most had done nothing wrong. Being on this list prevented you from doing lots of everyday things.

More recently associated with Seinfeld, when Elaine got herself, and then her boyfriend, blacklisted at the best delivery Chinese Food place around. They refused to deliver to the people "on their list."
(note: I have not seen this episode for many years, so forgive me if this is not verbatim, but it is pretty close)

Delivery Man: here's your food
Elaine's boyfriend: thank you
Delivery Man, seeing Elaine: I know you! You're on our list!
Delivery Man, to Elaine's boyfriend: Now YOU are on our list, too!
Elaine's boyfriend, to Elaine: You got me blacklisted at Hop Sing's!?!?
by Rachel aka bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005
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relating to the term "black book," being black listed means to be just another girl that a guy cheated on his girlfriend with. The guy is usually a charmer who tries to convince each girl that she is different and special. Sometimes he may even mean it and dump his girlfriend, but they'll always get back together. He can't be alone, but he also doesn't like commitment, as so the Black List grows and grows. The guys most common quotes are usually "It's different this time" or "I really do care"
girl one: that freshman hooked up with Adam. He convinced her he was going to actually leave his girlfriend.

girl two: but she really just got black listed...
by troggish September 22, 2009
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Similar to being rick roll'd, a person is blacklisted when they get sent a Youtube link to something supposedly amazing only to find it is Rebecca Black's "Friday." In reality, it's about a million times worse than being rick roll'd because IT'S REBECCA BLACK
The other day my friend told me about this great new rap video, but when I clicked the link "Friday," was blasted at me. I was blacklisted.
by liquidswords95 June 21, 2011
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In KSI, a person who has broken the KSI Code of Conduct and is therefore no longer allowed to be in a KSI clan, or around KSI members. Some offenses can be forgiven, and are handled by the appeal system in the KSI Global Forums. There are three levels to a blacklist:

Level 1- Associating with blacklisted players. (Must be a reoccuring offense and/or blacklisted person in question is of a high threat who wishes to destroy KSI. You can appeal this in the court system.)

Level 2- Cheating (Can be appealed in court on certain circumstances like how many levels you cheated for, how you cheated, and how long ago it was.)

Level 3- Slandering KSI in anyway/Associating with MoB Clan members (Can be appealed depending on circumstances)

Level 4- Breaking Code of Conduct (Can be appealed in court depending on the circumstances and what part of code was violated.)

Level 5- Deranking/Sabotage (Hitting) of a KSI clan (Cannot be appealed, you hit a clan...your gone.)
If you hit a clan, you will get blacklisted to a level 5, therefore not allowed to appeal.
by someonewhodoesntwannasay March 21, 2007
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A bunch of poofters that drive low-lux's and other shit cars around town thinking they look cool. When in reality they all meet at Apex on friday arvo's to jack each other off.
Person A: Have you seen those queer cunts cruising around in their tricked out shitboxes?

Person B: You mean the guys that have a Blacklisted sticker on the side of their car?

Person A: YEAH! that's them!
by Penëtrator August 04, 2014
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"Being banned from the ability of playing the amazing CAL-I team Dead-Zone"
Newbies like otm, or cheaters, or bad teams, or PUGS!
by CS DICTIONARY June 19, 2004
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