on the money. exact.

can be used as mere agreement.
a: Ugh this album sucks.
b: Otm

This definition is otm.
by allunraveled April 19, 2013
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Other Than Mexicans
A term used by US Border Patrol agents when catching illegal aliens.
What a night last night! We caught 250 people 23 of them were OTMs
by abula February 29, 2004
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One True Mermaid
someone who is really cool and knows it, the one mermaid that is actually real as opposed to all these poser ass fakes with no tails
from H2o season 3
You know that girl Maddie? She's totally an otm.
by MAZftw July 23, 2018
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Of The Moment
Pretty self-explanitory. Generally used in dabbled-in chatspeak, formed in a question or used at the end of a question. (Also corresponds with atm, or At The Moment.) Can be used as a compliment, meaning they always know the newest and coolest things.
"So, who is your celebrity crush otm?"

"You're TOTALLY otm!"
by [=Kate=] October 11, 2007
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Acronym for "Owning the Moment," a phrase inspired by the Fast Six single 'We Own It' by 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa. To own a moment means to do something so spectacular and positive that you should be acknowledged for it and celebrate how awesome you are. You're meeting your goals and beating your deadlines, making drastic changes in your life as well as others lives. These are permanently owned moments that belong to you and cannot be taken away from you by trolls, sore sports, and haters.
(Fast Six characters text messaging scenario)
Dominic: U really OTM'd back there. Thx for having my back.
Hobbs: This doesn't mean you're off the hook just yet, Toretto.
Dominic: #OTM


(Twitter scenario paraphrased via Rap Genius)
@WizKhalifa: No one can say that we don't deserve this moment. We worked hard to reach the success, and got it, and nobody gon' take our place.
@2chainz: Yup. #OTM


(Realistic scenario)
Boy: I finally got that promotion at work!
Girl: Wow, you're really owning the moment! Nobody can take this moment away from you because it is yours to keep.
by postaffe July 5, 2013
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stands for On The Move. Used to tell someone that you are on your way to your destination.
person1: "where are you?"
person2: "I'm OTM"
by kablamokablamo January 23, 2011
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An acronym used in online gaming meaning “On the move”. It is used to let the rest of the team know they should move to a new location, or follow.
OK guys, it is time to OTM this way.
by Xeal January 15, 2004
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