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The process of white people leaving an urban area for the suburbs leaving a black plurality. The process can only be complete when African-Americans hold the positions of power such as Mayor and police chief.
When Kip Holden was elected mayor the blackenization of Baton Rouge was completed.
by Conrad January 20, 2005
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The process of introducing white women to black culture. Can include: Style, language, thought process and physical acts.
Becky asks: "Tyrone, what does Crank that Superman mean?"
Tyrone replies "I'll tell you in the morning"

(Next Morning)

Becky wakes up and gets out of bed, but notices the bed sheet is stuck to her back. "Tyrone WTF!!"
Tyrone screams "Supaman hooooooo"

Once again, Becky has been taught a valuable lesson within the Blackenization process
by 47 The Pro November 27, 2007
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