sexy old lady, avant-garde, punk rock, disco diva, gay diva, feminist, singer, artist, composer, crazy
"She´s a real Yoko", like, this old lady is really sexy!
by Alexandre Soares April 6, 2005
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In verb form:
To royally screw up a band. (Usually applies to a woman/man who screws up the band because she/he is screwing a band member.)

In Noun form: The said band screwer-upper.
Person 1: I used to like their band, what happened?
Person 2: Lead singer got Yoko'd and it all went down hill from there.

Person 1: What's up with lead singer?
Person 2: See that girl hanging off him? That's what.
Person 1: Dammit Yoko, stop screwing up the band!
by Lord of the Ping June 18, 2007
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a BIG girl who is unattractive and unlikely to get any attention or action, unless she takes advantage of an unlucky fellow who had consumed too many alcoholic beverages. the name "yoko" derived from the famous professional wrester from the '80s named Yokozuna.
"damn man last night was crazy, Jose hooked up with a yoko."

"yokos need love too."
by takeiteasypaulweezy September 13, 2012
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n. a bitch girlfriend who doesn't let you chill with your boys
derived from Yoko Ohno, the wife of John Lennon, who single-handedly broke up the Beatles
"Where's he tonight?"
"Chillin with Yoko, she wouldn't let him come out"
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Deserting your friends/band mates/organization for your new found love or significant other.
pulling a Yoko: "Man we were doing so good and then he had to go and pull a Yoko"
by Zaphod May 26, 2004
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A girl with a sniper rifle, usually with boobs bigger than the national debt
Kamina: hey simon who's that girl with the huge tits?
Simon: bro that's yoko
by Animepancake November 10, 2014
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