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feeling bad for white ppl because of your brown skin color
privilege black guilt
i feel bad for white ppl, not black guilt
by MICK-DOG August 19, 2014
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Guilt for having black ancestors who owned both black and white slaves. The black Moors, for example, owned white slaves. Maybe becoming slaves was black karma for owning slaves. Black Africans owned black slaves but some blacks excuse this by saying this slavery was for more pure reasons. Another type of black guilt is for black on black crime. Yet another form of black guilt is for not fighting for justice in one's black neighborhood while other black people are murdered, raped, sold drugs (thus locked into a type of mental slavery), and otherwise mistreated by blacks. There is also a black denial that takes place, denying the heinous crimes taking place from one black person to another. Black guilt can also apply to feelings of guilt for spewing forth racist jokes and comments against whites, bullying whites, killing white people for being white, etc. Some black people actually have a change of heart and feel sincere remorse for previous activities done in ignorance. I could add more but I'll give room for others to define black guilt through their own experiences, observations and interpretations.
Jamal expressed black guilt when he stated, "Man, I put a cap on that n*gga's a*s for runnin' his mouth."
by Moderntruthteller September 15, 2018
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