n., deliberate respelling of "business" with meanings generally derived from that word. May refer to any purposeful activity, or more specifically to a particular action (commonly sexual) or a matter of personal concern. As with the word "business" from which it derives, may be used in the informal sense of a tongue-lashing or rebuke.
(referring to personal matters): "Don't be all gettin' up in my bizness."

(as a rebuke): "I ain't takin' none of her bizness about where I was last night."
by Freisler October 20, 2003
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stefan: "ayo tash, come give me da bizness"
tasha: "ok, hold on"
by tituba November 19, 2004
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the screwing of a woman that is considered to be incredibly hot.
She would get the bizness.
Bizness was served.
Bizness has been denied.
She would get all kinds of bizness.
bizness is my bizness, and bizness is good!
by phoenix200524 September 2, 2005
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The act of or result of most situations.
Take it easy. Stop giving me the bizness.

Stopped by Michelle's last night, gave her the bizness.

Oh Robby! I love your bizness, I need your bizness, don't ever stop giving me the bizness
by Triad February 3, 2003
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another name for a mans private part
person1:hey ya bizness head
person2:wussup bizness mouth
by gayragesale30 August 11, 2009
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the website for up & coming hip hop & r&b artist
baybizness handle they bizness!
by f2morrow April 11, 2008
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Business, what a person does at any given time
Niles - "Yo whassup my nizzle"
Gerrod - "That ain't none of yo' biz!"
by Anonymous February 3, 2003
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