the act of performing oral sex on a female
Every woman loves a good tongue-lashing.
by yorrick hunt January 29, 2008
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If someone gives you a tongue-lashing, they shout at you or criticize you in a very forceful way.
After a cruel tongue-lashing, he threw the girl out of the group.
by LeonardusBR August 15, 2008
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The act of performing oral sex on a female.
Every woman loves a good tongue lashing.
by yorrick hunt January 6, 2008
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when in the throws of wild sex, one might use their tongue hurriedly to deliver pleasure to the other party.
I gave Gemmas quim a thorough tongue lashing last night and she really got off on it.
by snooter69 October 12, 2017
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Much like pussy whipped, where the man does whatever the girl asks just because he's gettin some, only this version hes only gettin kisses.

Much like Zach.
<zach> aww man shes so hott! i do anything for her. damn, shes got me pussy whipped.

<jordan> naw dude, you gotta GET the pussy to BE pussy whipped! your more like, Tongue Lashed.

Zach pwn't
by K!ds !n EmEr!cA! August 24, 2008
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1.) Act of cunnilingus.
2.) Kissing cousins.
3.) Pussy whipped.
4.) Boil it down.
5.) Scissor incision.
1.) He was munching the beaver slapping his tongue around.
2.) I open toilet stall door and catch Johnny teaching Sady how to wipe her bottom.
3.) That boy only gets kisses he is so pussy whipped.

4.) When I boil it down I teach you a lesson.

5.) I'd like to tongue lash you with my wet pink tongue lash and I smell like a lizard.
by djsee4 December 17, 2009
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