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The feeling you feel when you feel you're going to feel a feeling you've never felt before.
I can't wait... for my tax refund, for this day to end, until they get here. The anticipation is killing me!
by Don Howard August 05, 2006

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Garish/overly ornate as in bedroom furniture totally buried in frills, throw pillows and stuffed animals. Frilly ornamentation for women's clothing, or men's tuxedo shirts.
One look at all the froufrou furniture in that house, and I couldn't breath. No man could possibly live there.
by Don Howard November 20, 2006

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When a person doesn't want help with a problem, but must tell you about it at length, since usually the litany comes from the female of the species, it's called bitching.

Unfortunately, the male of the species doesn't seem to understand this, so he will use other terms for it like nagging, complaining, octal rectalitis, fault-finding, caviling, when it is simply bitching.
She's been bitching all week about the kids, her mother, me, and the PTA!
by Don Howard January 07, 2008

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Originally, a women's hair style in the late 1930's and early 1040's, characterized by a series of ridges as though a hand with spread fingers was placed on the hair and then the fingers closed.

The slang definition of the term, initially attributed to the military, was used for a prostate examination as described above.
Be sure the proctologist doesn't have both hands on your shoulders when he gives you a finger wave.
by Don Howard April 08, 2007

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Early onset of baldness. Named for the Seventies TV character "Kojac" played by bald actor, Telly Savalas, who shaved his head long before it became popular.
"Are you losing your hair?"

"Yeah, Premature Kojaculation runs in my family. Either that or I'm growing a lot more forehead."
by Don Howard August 26, 2007

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