Completing any given act with such swag, that bitches are left breathless and therefore must take a seat. On a bitch
Hey let's drink- on a bitch
by Sourdeisel May 1, 2015
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Bitches are something you won't have, because you play genshin impact.
"No bitches?"
by quartermillionss March 25, 2022
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THAT BITCH is used to describe someone that is literally THAT BITCH everyone envy’s they everyone is jealous of them and everyone wants to be them and that’s the tea PERIODTTTT
Dammm Brandon and Noah really are THAT BITCH
by Honestly THAT BITCH February 12, 2019
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1 A female canine animal, especially a dog.
2 Someone who complains a lot.
3 A man considered to be weak or being a pussy.
4 Something very unpleasant or difficult.
5 A woman/man who is thoroughly disliked.
1 Hey Susan, hows your Bitch?
2 Is that all you do? You Bitch at people?
3 Dayum, youz a weak Bitch if you lost that fight.
4 -sigh- Lifes a fucking Bitch!
5 Dayum I hate that Bitch! She's A "Bitch" dude, off top!
by JellySickle September 13, 2006
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"That Bitch" is a woman that men want and women are jealous of. That Bitch does what others wish they could do. "That Bitch" is the most high.The Most exalted one.
See that girl over there shitting on us? She is "That Bitch"
by ThatBitch212 March 13, 2010
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