HIMYM- How I Met Your Mother. The best sitcom online. The coolest, most hilarious tv show of all time.
A: Hey bro! What’s your favourite show on netflix?
B: Maan, I just love HIMYM. I could watch it 24/7.
by boobear the 1st July 7, 2020
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(HIM-yim) A unit of time. It is the amount of time it takes to watch one episode of How I Met Your Mother. Without commercials, this is about 22 minutes.
Brittany: It took me one himym to figure out what HIMYM stood for.
by BarneyStinsonFTW October 26, 2010
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Some guy: what series have you been binging lately?
Other guy: Himym
by Ilovelittlemix02 January 26, 2019
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An experience filled with immense sadness, outrage, disappointment, and pain
"Dinner with my boyfriend's family was almost as bad as the HIMYM Finale."

"Don't even go there!"
by knowshershit December 31, 2015
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