defines a tall guy who hitts on every girl he sees and never gets his dick wet
by mitch mahoe March 3, 2008
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1. a male bitch.
2. a male who goes through pms
fcuk you he-bitch!
by katy January 20, 2004
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A He Bitch is a very feminine guy who usely does not openly admit being gay. He grew up helping mommy bake cookies and cakes. He is always arguing with someone while rolling his neck and using girlish hand guestures. He is always running his mouth and alway backing down from a fight. He seems oblivious to his girlish ways and shows no shame in public. He will respond agressively when being called gay(funny). A good example of a He Bitch would be Boston from Mtv's "I Love New York".
You- "Dont fucking roll your neck at me like that, he bitch"
He Bitch- "Its my neck and ill fucking roll it if i feel like it"
You-" didnt just fucking say that"
by Nerd Nasty October 15, 2009
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Noun Edit: He-Bitch - He-Bitches
(Slang).A Man Who Behaves Obnoxiously Or Promiscuously; A Male Bitch.

He + Bitch
Bhola You Are Acting Like A He-Bitch.

Bony :- Bhola's A Faggot Mala
by CHANCLE July 5, 2020
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An old or elderly man who is mainly grey haired. His profession is a man whore, he's the leader of all He Bitches
That's Santa Claus, the ultimate Silverback He Bitch!
by Buttmole asspickle August 8, 2020
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