Slapping someone in the face with your dick. The epitome of humiliation.
Shut up before I bismark you, bitch.
by The King of Bleh July 2, 2004
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After recieving oral sex, a male will pull his penis to one side and release using hip movement to strike the female on the cheek. If properly executed the resulting red mark is known as a bismark.
Denise is such a whore. I gave her a bismark last night and she loved it.
by Joe November 17, 2003
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Giving a girl a little bukakke action, then punching her in the nose and mixing around the two substances. See jelly doughnut.
Remember when I gave you that bismark? Yeah, good times.
by Duke January 22, 2003
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when a girl preforms oral sex on you, then you punch her in the eye, then ejaculate on her eye to resmeble a bismark donut.
"I know she loved that bismark!"
by malaka March 18, 2003
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A battleship, or that German dude with a pointy hat.
Uh oh run from the Bismark!
by dehidral767 July 19, 2005
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after having sex with a girl, you come in her eye, then punch her in that eye, and then hit the eye with your dick
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
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A biographical/geographical name that apparently very few people here can spell right. "Bismarck" is also a name of the German battleship that was sunk, what a pity.
Is an example of "bismark" really necessary? Go browse through an encyclopedia.
by Ottoman Turk October 3, 2005
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