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Although birds are pretty, one should never put out bird seed or bird food because that simply creates bird turds
by andy1 May 30, 2005
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Semen that lands on someone when shot from a balcony or rooftop.
Oh shit, did I just get hit with a bird turd?!
by Sandmanski October 29, 2017
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n. a term for white people.
subject 1: he must be a birdturd.
subject 2: why?
subject 1: he likes chunky cars going around in circles.
by joshp August 28, 2016
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The secretion from the male penis when arroused.
"Darnell, you got bird turds all up in my weave".

"When i was younger, i would blow bird turds all over my rug, and then knee it in."
by Bertothegreat February 02, 2006
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