1. when your new single just dropped and you feel too nervous about it, thumbs sweating and typo striking

2. a slip of the thumbs but you're too swag to be bothered with the autocorrection
block b new single, droped now
by moonchita February 5, 2017
the combination of dro and dope. meaning excessive awesomeness.
that shirt is so drope.
by Emily Landherr December 6, 2007
I was at the club droping a girl after sipping on bacardi
by bre lee lee January 27, 2008
Dry-Droping is a term used when you come to wipe your arse after having a huge dump only to find that your arse is clean and dry.
by Rossi and Rich June 3, 2010
getting a dick in ur ass in the shower when u bend over
oh crap im droping the soap
(bends over and dick inserted into ass)
by droping the soap November 8, 2017
making sick passes on the bball court or fball field
yo chauncey was droping dimes against miami last night
by too cool July 10, 2006