birb (noun)

a birb is an animal that lives in a game called moviestarplanet. it has a duck-face head, with a human body. Birbs ALWAYS wear bows on their head, as the bow comes with the birb-head in the clothing store

birbs often wear glasses and have pastel-yellow fur. Some birbs decide to dye their fur in a different colour and/or choose not to wear glasses. It's all up to the birb
Hey, I saw this birb in a chatroom!
by yesbirb July 15, 2020
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What someone in a euphoric state of mind calls a birb. Used in any sort of situation.
β€œBruh While I was tripping I saw a sphebe and some weird ass bird”
Friend: β€œoh, so that’s what you meant when you called it a birb”
by Friedeveryfriday March 27, 2019
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A dumb bird that all ways shouts and that wants to kiss your ass every second.
Dont buy a birb I heard rumors that it can kill human beeings.
A birb is used to annoy people
via giphy
by Flammyboiii May 27, 2019
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Birb: It's not about the normal definition we might know but it's about the VRCHAT birb. Those are bird avatars in vrchat that represend the 'great tit'. They're absolutely adorable and so far I know extremely friendly.
Oh my gosh look what a cute avatar! It's a birb!
by Skybelle July 25, 2018
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