"Cute bird" redirects here. For the animal class, see bird.

Not to be confused with cockatiel(s). Because normies always associate the word with them.
birb does a ((( scritch )))
by birbdude May 24, 2018
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A person that has one of the biggest foreheads that the world has seenand usually gets mad very easily. They can be some of the most amazing people you’ve met. Can be also know as Birbiana
β€œThat girl right there is such a birb”
β€œShe’s a birb, just look at her forehead it blocks half of the whiteboard”
by Birb whisperer March 28, 2019
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Sad little shit that ruin your day very fast and will make you regret being her friend :D
by Tentacle July 14, 2017
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Yet another slang term for breasts. Along with Boobs, Tits, Boobies, and Jugs. Coined by two very exhausted Bennington College girls working on their biology and stage management homework.
"I hate my Birbs"
"Look at that girl's birbs. They are huge"
"Oh my, my birbs are all wet. Ew."
"Guys, wouldn't it be great if you could like take out your uterus? Then people could like steal your uterus and make you try and get it. Then you'd value it more. Birbs."
by Dr. Bryan Badass's assitant. September 09, 2009
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birb (noun)

a birb is an animal that lives in a game called moviestarplanet. it has a duck-face head, with a human body. Birbs ALWAYS wear bows on their head, as the bow comes with the birb-head in the clothing store

birbs often wear glasses and have pastel-yellow fur. Some birbs decide to dye their fur in a different colour and/or choose not to wear glasses. It's all up to the birb
Hey, I saw this birb in a chatroom!
by yesbirb July 15, 2020
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