used to describe the obsession some white guys have with women of south-asian origin
a side-effect of joe's bollywood addiction is a strong case of bindi fever
by kap_lan June 5, 2005
This is when your lady sits apon the toilet after you have just had a wee, with the remaining piss dribble you do a jousting motion (your todger as the lance) towards the forehead of sead partner leaving a small deposit of piss creating the weewee bindi
Ive just had a piss when in came my misses and sat upon the toilet with the last drip of weewee from my pork sausage I struck a blow tothe forehead creating the weewee bindi...
by Gee Money 81 July 1, 2011
A sexual act; while having anal sex with a woman/man, the man pulls out his penis and has his partner turn around. The man then takes his penis and stamps a brown excrement mark in the center of the woman's/ man's forehead.
Guys, you'll never believe it- she finally wanted to try anal last night. In honor of the special occasion, I gave her a brown bindi when we finished!
by FMA.memories.PSU September 29, 2010
A lazer that originates from the Indian/Pakistani ceremonial forehead dot when it becomes overheated with rage or thought.
Don't piss off Mala, you might evoke the bindi lazer!

Chris: What happened to Blake?
Garrett: He pissed off Mala..
Chris: Oh shit! He got hit with a bindi lazer
by Christopher Mudge November 20, 2007
Daughter of the late Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter.

A precocious and soul-less little media tart, seemingly devoid of any human qualities.

Has been shamelessly cashing-in on her daddy's legacy ever since he was murdered by a stingray.
Is it wrong to wish that Bindi Irwin was taken instead of Steve?
by triggaz April 2, 2008
Daughter of the late Croc Hunter Steve Irwin; used her Father's death to gain popularity.
Rob: "It's that Bindi Irwin girl again".
John: "Oh her, nobody knew her until her father died".
by heartcore--x October 13, 2007
Bindi Bus - A small van or subcompact car capable of holding six or more terrorists or filled to the brim with explosives & nuclear materials. A suicide vehicle used as the delivery system for the explosives.
A van used in desert communities as a replacement for cammels. It has been known to have bell's mounted as a warning system in Arabic nations.
Bindi bus, Jingle bus, cammel car.
Hey Aknod, drive the bindi bus to the building & you will be rewarded with 60 virgins. Give me a call once you are there.
Fisal , bring the bindi to the mosque & we will load it with many gifts.
by complexed September 11, 2010