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A once critically-acclaimed Italian-American actor. These days would struggle to make the second round of auditions for a Rob Schneider flick.

Two for the money viewer A: Man I can't stand Al Pacino anymore. All he does is yell.

Two for the money viewer B: Yeah talk about a one-trick pony. I can't beleive it took us 30 years to realise how crap he is.
by triggaz April 10, 2008
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Conceited little pop-whore and sister of the equally talentless Kylie Minogue. Plastic in every sense of the word. Never achieved anything of worth and never will. Ultra-pretentious to boot.
Person A: I went out and bought the latest Dannii Minogue single.

Person B: Shoots person A in the head with a large gun (person B is later Knighted).
by triggaz April 16, 2008
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A business masquerading as a religion, Hillsong Church exploits dim-witted individuals into emptying their pockets through a fear campaign and thoroughly cringeworthy, purpose-built music.

Hillsong is proof that a brain-washing religious propoganda is a damn fine way of making money!

Hillsong has managed to spread its wings much much further than the average unsuspecting citizen realises, evidenced in part by their monopoly over Australian Idol.

Hillsong is scarier than Hitler.

Someone hand that Pastor Brian Houston a butter menthol STAT!

Man hillsong church told me if I didn't hand over my wallet I'd spend eternity eating warm turd sandwiches in the firey depths of hell!! So I gave em my house and car keys as well, just to be on the safe side.
by triggaz November 17, 2007
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Those who believe that all minorities are discriminated against. Basically if you're a white, heterosexual male then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Lefty Scum types can invariably be found at Universities where they can hide behind a cloak of political-correctness and perceived moral superiority.

Lefty scum typically confine their studies to those in the Arts faculty (e.g. Anthropology, Womens Studies etc) writing a thesis that in their grandiose minds will ultimately change the world (in reality no-one will even read it). Anyone who challenges their views are instantly branded a phobic of some sort. The same lefty scum who preach values such as acceptance, tolerance and egalitarianism paradoxically are the first people to point the finger and ostracise those who dare oppose their views.

The physical appearance of lefty scum can best be described as grubby. Any attempt to make oneself more appealing to the opposite sex, however minor, is frowned upon. Therefore hairy armpits, dreadlocks and lack of bras (in the case of female lefty scum) and general lack of personal hygeine are standard for the lefty scum individual. Lefty scum are also the major worldwide consumers of corduroy, typically purchased from their local op-shop with money obtained either through government benefits or by fire-twirling buskering.
Normal person: Aborigines make up less than 2% of the general population and yet comprise almost half of the entire prison population.

Lefty Scum: That's stereotyping my friend, you should be careful making statements like that.


(Normal person stabs lefty scum with a rusty steak knife).
by triggaz April 16, 2008
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Underrated Aussie rock/new wave band originating in Sydney in the late 70's and peaking in the early 80's. Part of the legendary pub-band scene of the era.

Churned out many classic tracks including "The nips are getting bigger", "If you leave me, can I come to?", "Live it up" and "Too many times" to name just a few.

Known for incorporating wacky, self-deprecating humour and numerous drinking references into their songs. Comparable to American band Ween but with a vastly superior repertoire.

Also known as "The Mentals".
"Sometimes I wonder what all these chemicals are doing to my brain. Doesn't worry me enough to stop me from doing it again".

Mental As Anything - "The nips are getting bigger", 1979.
by triggaz April 7, 2008
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Kylie Minogue is a talentless pop artist and one time "Neighbours" soap star of the 80's. Kylie neither writes, nor sings her own songs. What you actually hear on her CD's is a heavily synthesised, computer generated squeal. In actuality her voice is weaker than a Canadian beer.

Very attractive (especially for her age) but tries WAY too hard to be sexy with her constant pouting, ridiculous mardi-gras like costumes and her pretentious London accent (apparently she was Australian once upon a time).

Practically indistinguishable from her younger sister Danni who releases the odd "look how sexy I am" crap single so as not to be overshadowed by Kylie.

Curiously Kylie has become some sort of gay icon despite her hetero preferences. Consequently, her concerts are filled with chubby homo men and 30-something women who sadly never developed any appreciation for decent music but feel they should at least attend some sort of live music occasionally so they don't appear completely lame.

Kylie is a myth.
Did you go the Kylie Minogue concert the other night? She changed costumes 400 times in two hours!! It was sooooo awesome!!

Get a fucking life and leave me alone.
by triggaz December 13, 2007
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A once critically-acclaimed actor who has severely tainted his reputation by attempting to do comedies. On a positive note, he isn't quite as bad as national embarrassment Robin Williams yet.
Fearless Leader (Robert de Niro): Have you liquidated Moose and Squirrel? Did you use the CDI? Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Then who else are you talking to? Are you talking to me? Well, I am the only one here, so you must be talking to me. And you are lying! Now catch Moose and Squirrel. And next time use the CDI on them.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000).

by triggaz April 22, 2008
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