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Dull-as-dishwater Aussie actress with massively overrated looks, no emotional range, and a conspicuous lack of charisma. Despite these shortcomings and a string of abysmal films (see Bewitched, Moulin Rouge), the Australian public have long been infatuated with her.

Kidman's track record with regards to marriage is almost as appalling as her filmography. Seemingly incapable of learning from her Tom Cruise experience, she has hooked up with yet another closet homo in the form of ear-torturing country singer Keith Urban.

HOST: Nicole, you may now choose between:

Contestant A: A homosexual scientologist nutcase midget.
Contestant B: An alcoholic homosexual country-western singing midget.
by triggaz April 14, 2008

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Mis-pronunciation of the word something.

Also an indicator of low-IQ.
Imbecile A: Have you heard that song somethink in the way she moves by The Beatles?

Imbecile B: I have never heard of anythink by The Beatles. Are they a new band?
by triggaz April 09, 2008

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Those who believe that all minorities are discriminated against. Basically if you're a white, heterosexual male then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Lefty Scum types can invariably be found at Universities where they can hide behind a cloak of political-correctness and perceived moral superiority.

Lefty scum typically confine their studies to those in the Arts faculty (e.g. Anthropology, Womens Studies etc) writing a thesis that in their grandiose minds will ultimately change the world (in reality no-one will even read it). Anyone who challenges their views are instantly branded a phobic of some sort. The same lefty scum who preach values such as acceptance, tolerance and egalitarianism paradoxically are the first people to point the finger and ostracise those who dare oppose their views.

The physical appearance of lefty scum can best be described as grubby. Any attempt to make oneself more appealing to the opposite sex, however minor, is frowned upon. Therefore hairy armpits, dreadlocks and lack of bras (in the case of female lefty scum) and general lack of personal hygeine are standard for the lefty scum individual. Lefty scum are also the major worldwide consumers of corduroy, typically purchased from their local op-shop with money obtained either through government benefits or by fire-twirling buskering.
Normal person: Aborigines make up less than 2% of the general population and yet comprise almost half of the entire prison population.

Lefty Scum: That's stereotyping my friend, you should be careful making statements like that.


(Normal person stabs lefty scum with a rusty steak knife).
by triggaz April 15, 2008

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An apparently talentless musical "artist" who appeals to a shallow, tone-deaf and commercially-brainwashed audience.

Lee is Jewish and was educated in a private school in Sydney's snobby Eastern suburbs. Yet he passes himself of as indy/alternative and sings in a distinctly American accent. Evidently Ben Lee suffers from some sort of identity crisis.

If you have ever wondered what a song that has been pencilled in under 5 minutes sounds like, go and buy a Ben Lee album. After a short time of listening you will soon realise that what you actually just bought was nothing more than an overpriced beer coaster.

Was recently sconned in the head with a beer bottle thrown by a disgruntled Perth concert-goer. I guess it shows that the public can only endure so much of this rubbish and are finally starting to fight back.

Person A: "Dude, if you don't like Ben Lee's music, then don't listen to it."

Person B: "The only way I can AVOID hearing it is by flying to the moon and hiding in a cupboard".

by triggaz November 02, 2007

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Daughter of the late Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter.

A precocious and soul-less little media tart, seemingly devoid of any human qualities.

Has been shamelessly cashing-in on her daddy's legacy ever since he was murdered by a stingray.
Is it wrong to wish that Bindi Irwin was taken instead of Steve?
by triggaz April 01, 2008

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The Australian division of Chrysler back in the 60's and 70's when cars had soul. Tragically taken over by Mitsubishi in 1981 who proceeded to produce a seemingly endless range of Jap Crap.

Valiant was the third major car manufacturer in Australia alongside Holden and Ford. Traditionally considered wog chariots, Valiants nowdays enjoy cult status for their inimitable looks, character and legendary reliability.

Of particular note was the much-revered Hemi 265ci straight six motor which pumped out over 300 ponies and made their V8 Holden & Ford competitors seem prehistoric. The race-tuned version was planted in selected Pacer and Charger models which command a pretty penny on the muscle-car market today.

Hardcore Val drivers salute each other with the 2-fingered 'V'. However, mistakingly using this salute on a Torana driver and you will end up as another road-rage statistic.

If you own a Valiant you fuckin rock.
by triggaz November 19, 2007

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Underrated Aussie rock/new wave band originating in Sydney in the late 70's and peaking in the early 80's. Part of the legendary pub-band scene of the era.

Churned out many classic tracks including "The nips are getting bigger", "If you leave me, can I come to?", "Live it up" and "Too many times" to name just a few.

Known for incorporating wacky, self-deprecating humour and numerous drinking references into their songs. Comparable to American band Ween but with a vastly superior repertoire.

Also known as "The Mentals".
"Sometimes I wonder what all these chemicals are doing to my brain. Doesn't worry me enough to stop me from doing it again".

Mental As Anything - "The nips are getting bigger", 1979.
by triggaz April 07, 2008

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