Mala is a funny,nice,sweet kind, and cute girl. She’s super pretty but she thinks she’s ugly, she can get any boy. She’s wicked funny and has a very great personality.
Wow look at Mala!
by sam Asher September 24, 2018
A beautiful,pretty,nice,sweet,and lovable person. She’s wicked funny and has a good sense of humor. If you do get her annoyed,she will rash out and won’t talk to you for a good 2 days
by Mandy halls January 25, 2018
Mala is a hot, sexy little bitch and she is always there for you! If you have a friend that’s a mala try not to leave her because she is the person that’s always helpful and caring. If mala is your girlfriend then you is one lucky manz because she is rare.
You know my girl mala she is the best thing that’s ever happened to me like you don’t even understand 🤤
by Hesbsbhshs October 1, 2018
a garland of flowers referenced from the Indian, Hindi language.
That's a very beautiful mala
by nnimboo July 25, 2010
A mizo short name used for males who are have "Mal" in their names.
Usually fox liked people. They always have an inside motive to things. And somewhat quite cute. Ladies they are like limited edition. So if you find one get them at all cost.
Mala is quite a cool name for a mizo kid.

Mala is just too cute.
by MizoScarlet October 26, 2011
She's the best woman one can be! Very hard working, thoughtful and caring towards her family. Loves to cook and go shopping. She's very creative at art and designing. A great mom and wife. A cool person who's young at heart even when old XD
Damn! She's working hard like Mala
by Wanderrosh21 November 23, 2021
1. im going to mala this cookie
2. Lets mala ourselves out of here
by Pulss May 24, 2019