will jizz in his pants at a mere dropping of a pin

Is attracted to males in red shorts

Was once apprehended by law enforcement looking for the Sasquatch. After interrogation, he was just deemed to be hairy

is a serial Asslicker ..known for terrorizing various university campuses across Ontario

will put ketchup on vagina before commencing fellatio

baby that's too much ketchup..stop being a bindi and just eat me already

by Arabian Asslicker February 7, 2009
Sexiest punjabi guy known to women; arguably the sexiest bastard in the world.
Hey bindi ur so fine, ur so fine u blow my mind, hey bindi!
by hbk February 18, 2004
South Asian version of the Dirty Sanchez: referring to both the mark and the act of thwacking someone on the forehead with a shit-covered dick after anal coitus. Also called: The Poopy Paraka.
Why does the singer of NO DOUBT smell like shit? Oh, it's her Butthole Bindi.
by Ian Steinberg August 30, 2003
When you are resting your balls in someone's mouth, backward, and you accidentally shart and a little bit of poo is left as a dot between the eyebrows.
"So, I was teabagging this bitch and accidentally farted. I gave that ho a dirty bindi!"
by TheReverend February 25, 2014
The act of shitting in a persons mailbox, then placing a firecracker in the shit and lighting it. The goal is to see how long it is until the person has to buy a new mailbox.
"Dude! Last weekend was sick! We got really drunk then went and had a Bindi Surprise in somebodys mailbox!"
by Derpa Derpa Derpa June 6, 2009
This is a vehicle that carries Terrorist around with a suitcase nuke looking for a target...
"I saw three guys in a bindi van pull away. About an hour later the grade school blew up."
by Terrence Johnson July 3, 2008
The act of smearing a dingleberry on a person's forehead, inbetween their eyebrows, after giving them a Louisiana Teabag.
Did you see that Hillbilly Bindi on Ronda? Someone gave her a mean Lousiana Teabag!
by DebRi December 21, 2013