Arguably the best combination of food products the world has ever seen. Luscious breaded chicken cutlet, with salivating melted mozarella, on an epic hero with Russian dressing that would make a dickless sideshow freak get a hard on. Oh yeah and bacon.
A hero of epic proportions, consisting of chicken, bacon, cheese and Russian dressing on Italian bread. Satisfies all cravings and hunger.
Person 1: "Dude, I'm so hungry right now."
Person 2: "Let's get a bindy! They're so good!"
Person 1: "Ugh, yes! They always hit the spot. All that chicken and bacon and cheese just fills me up and makes the best combination."
by JEB1021 August 24, 2014
See Bindle. In relation to the drug context.
Yo, that bindy is light!!

I got a bindy for fifty.$
by C Rizzle January 9, 2007
n. pl. thorns in the grass (an Australian word)
You're not yet Australian until you're more scared of bindies than redback spiders.
by AnonymusContributor February 7, 2006
bindi is referred to as a decorative dot worn on the forehead.
by Bindi P January 31, 2006
A decorative dot placed on a woman's forehead.

Meant as a bullseye for a man to aim the money shot.
Bindis make a facial so much easier.
by GAWII July 4, 2013