often worn by transgender men, it constricts the breasts into a more flat chested appearance.
although he was physically born a female, he is mentally a male, and uses a binder to flatten his chest.
by KadeManic January 20, 2009
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A slang used in the 604, for a person from an East Indian background.
Yo dude check out that towelhead...he is such a binder.
by ghee March 7, 2006
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I never got to the point of actually getting a binder, but I was looking around online for where to find one.
by Orly Damdifano April 26, 2019
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1) (collective) a number of women
2) (collective) a number of nouns associated with women, explicitly or implicitly
A binder of highly qualified women assembled to be considered for Mitt Romney's cabinet.

Major U.S. cities saw a swell of pubic demonstration, united under the banner of "saving Big Bird" and orchestrated by a single, engaged binder of concerned mothers.
by LexemeDepot October 17, 2012
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noun; (rhymes with cinder)

1. To get fucked up several days in a row
2. An alterenitive pronunciation of "Bender"
Q: How was your spring break?
A: A fuckin' non-stop binder.
by Moonbeam April 11, 2007
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Used by female transvestites to reduce the size and appearance of their breasts by constriction in order to appear more masculine. a simple binder is layers of women's dress hose, although there are commercially available binders.
"Yeah, right now I'm using some hose that as a binder until I get the one that i bought."
by Absintheluck December 2, 2005
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Used to describe someone or something that's worth keeping around. Refers to the popular "Trapper Keeper" binders from the 90s.
Girl: So how's it going witcha new man?
Girl's BFF: He gives me warm fuzzies. He's so binder!
by Dr. L1 May 14, 2008
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