A gathering of 3 or more chicks in one place.
Whenever Kevin sang he always collected a binder of women.
by notpip October 17, 2012
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noun; (rhymes with cinder)

1. To get fucked up several days in a row
2. An alterenitive pronunciation of "Bender"
Q: How was your spring break?
A: A fuckin' non-stop binder.
by Moonbeam April 11, 2007
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Used to describe someone or something that's worth keeping around. Refers to the popular "Trapper Keeper" binders from the 90s.
Girl: So how's it going witcha new man?
Girl's BFF: He gives me warm fuzzies. He's so binder!
by Dr. L1 May 14, 2008
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Crazy, Funny, Slow, Blonde, Cute, Loves to Photoshop and facebook, gets drunk off one kamikazi, enjoys updating her FB status every 2 minutes, loves chipotles, and super skinny less than 100lbs girl
She is so cute, just like binder.
by Your Sheen February 02, 2010
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Used as a nickname, it originates from the
missuse of the word for "bindings" (as in ski bindings) reflecting the frequent confusion between english words that sound alike by french canadians. Used as a nickname for frenchies. Also sounds a lot like Butters from South Park.
frenchie: Fuck I broke my binders on my snowboard and had to walk down the hill at -40ΒΊC so I got full of chicken pox.

english canadian: Learn to speak english Binders.
by Binders March 19, 2005
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