{noun} a modern self-coined term used to describe the identity of an Indian Catholic Christian whose ancestry is from the Malabar coast of the Indian subcontinent. The two factors - geographic and religious are the identifying traits of this community as opposed to a common language, skin color, etc. Therefore “East Indian” is not an ethnic group (like African-American, Mongols, Mayans, Nepali, Nordic, Dravidian, etc) which can be separated from the rest of the Indian population on the basis of a specific DNA halogroup. However recent trends of migration to countries like Portugal & rest of Europe, Canada and adoption of foreign citizenship of those countries has shed the Indian identity (passport) for these people but retaining the Catholic Christian identity. Hence it is suitable to describe the “East Indian” as Catholic Christians from the Indian Malabar (west) Coast.

{adjective} relating to the East Indies of Caribbean.
Librarian: Hi. Can I help you?

Anthropology major: Yes, I’m looking for information on the East Indians. I’m going to do my project on that and take my East-Indian room-mate to class as a demo piece. Awesome huh?

Librarian: West Indian and East Indian or just East Indian?

Anthropology major: Umm it’s East Indians as in the red dot Indians. Asian. From India. You know what I mean?

Librarian: Oh yeah! We’ve got books on that. Introduction to East Indian Architecture, East Indian philosophy, Ancient sanitation systems of the East Indians, History of East Indian Maritime, Famous East Indian Explorers, Collection of East Indian proverbs, East Indian Script………….which one would you like?

Anthropology major: Uhh do you have anything in general like an introduction to East Indian culture maybe?

Librarian: I was just kidding. We don’t have any. My boyfriend has a European trance-techno magazine he bought from ebay. On the cover is “Goa is the mother of all psychedelic destinations. Who’s your German daddy?”
by CaptainLeChuck June 4, 2010
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People living in Odisha(Formerly Orissa), Bengal & Assam continents in India are called east Indians speaking similar Kalinga derived languages.
These are east indians do not know hindi well.
by Superblow123 August 27, 2019
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Women who are of Indian descent. They are generally seen as very beautiful, shy, kind, talented, and smart. They are known for having big, gorgeous eyes that every man loves and every women wants. They are also seen as good wife's, great cooks and very cultural/traditional.
Girl 1: OMG, Priya, I love your eyes!

Girl 2: yeah, gosh your so lucky, I want your eyes!


Guy 1: Hey that new girl got beautiful eyes, I couldn't stop staring into them.

Guy 2: really? She must be East Indian.

Examples of East Indian women: Padma Lakshmi, Aishwarya Rai, Melinda Shankar, Lisa Ray, Parminder Nagra
by KatieCutie101 December 12, 2009
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A suitable answer for questions from foreigners. A good way to look smart and intelligent, meanwhile avoiding the term "I don't know."
Person 1: "Hey mate, what kind of tree is that over there?"
Person 2: "It's an East Indian Foxtrot, rare for this area."
Person 1: "Thanks mate, you are a wealth of knowledge."
by Tijuana Jones June 4, 2014
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A close, and disgusting, cousin to the Indian Burn.
To grab your girlfriend's leg, press it up against your ass, and crack off a fart. Usually delivered best after a hearty meal of some type of Curry, hence the name.
" I think my girlfriend's pissed, we had Chicken Vindaloo at the Arabic Gardens last night, and I ripped a huge East Indian Burn on her thigh...it stunk sooo bad! "
by the Den of Iniquity December 6, 2006
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To give a non material object to some one ans ask for it back. E.i Idea
Tony had a great idea for a new blender and gave his idea to James, but Tony saw the profit in that and asked for his idea back!
by KrakpoT August 5, 2005
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this is an east Indian who is fucking stupid… they can be found in the monkey cage at your local zoo sitting under a tree in the shade eating bananas.....there have also been numerous unconfirmed sightings of them building houses in Canada
"hey Larry less smoke a couple of joints and go to the zoo and feed the stupid fucking East Indians"
by Super jo jo and friends July 12, 2016
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