Pinko radio. These people hate America and will do anything to undermine our great country.
Just listen to the station and you will see.
by Big Buck September 14, 2004
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What Barndweller listens to. This is the audio equilivant to licking an ashtray.
Hey Barn... get a real life... I'm sure cool things are happening down there in Redundant Beach.
by Terry Wyrick July 09, 2004
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Sorry Mate,
I'd rather eat the soggy Savoy than listen to this pig-slop.
It spits the winkle right into your ear.
by Chuckie Chartoff, down under August 24, 2004
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The essence of this station's attitude towards their base of listeners is:
You base is all mine bitch!
by U.P. Yourazz August 03, 2004
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