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Camila is a strong independent girl who doesn't want people to see her cry. She may have been hurt many times, but she's a bad bitch. She is beautiful, smart, and funny, but only focuses on her flaws, while denying her strengths and beauties. She displays her opinions on topics strongly, and she lets people know when she's dropping them. She stands up for her friends, and is an amazing friend overall. When she falls in love, she doesn't really know how to take it, and is always jumpy and nervous about it. If you find yourself a Camila, try and keep her, because she's pretty awesome.
Person 1: Are you friends with Camila?
Person 2: Of course, she's amazing!
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by lexirocks1273136 February 18, 2019
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She’s perfect, but she won’t admit it. Because for how beautiful and charming and funny and sexy and caring as she is, she’s equally as sweet and humble. She’ll have the best smile you’ve ever seen (so wonderful it’s probably been voted the best) and you’ll do absolutely anything to see her smile. You’ll do things you never used to do. You’ll dance on tables. You’ll buy stupid gifts. Cause all these things feel different when you’re doing them with her. You’ll get lost in her beautiful dark eyes. She’ll make you never want to leave her. You’ll pretend to miss an exit just to ride in the car with her a little longer. You’ll stay up till 5:00 am in a parking garage talking to her. Your favorite thing to do will be doing nothing with her. Camila is absolutely perfect in every way.
“I only hope I dream tonight for the chance to dream of Camila”
by ABunchOfOats March 01, 2020
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This girl is a true FIGHTER. She never lets anyone touch her or bother her. Although she may be a little harsh, anything gets to her easily, she is very sensitive. She is most likely Hispanic and will turn into the devil itself when pissed off. Camilas are very beautiful, just like their name. She likes sports, having fun. She does not trust just any person so having a camila trust you would be the best thing . Camilas are the most goofy, loyal people you will ever meet. If you backstab her then hell is coming youre way. Do not underestimate a camila.
Damn! Camila is so mean but so sexy!
by Yummylovey94 March 04, 2018
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The most fashionable and beautiful person you'll ever meet , you'll fall in love with her the moment you see her , she is beautiful inside and out ! A girl that has the name Camila is surely Hispanic. Camila is a very understanding and loving friend who is always there for you no matter what. Never let her go.Camila is the type of girlfriend that loves to cuddle, is loyal , and is sexy asf . When Camila gets angry she will turn into the devils itself. Camila is the kind of person that if you ask for her forgiveness she will forgive you. She won't forget , but she will dead the issue. Your lucky if you meet a Camila.
I think I've fallen in love with Camila !!!!

Camila is such a great friend , anyone is lucky to have her as a bestfriend !

Camila is so beautiful !
by Lexiiiismithhh December 23, 2016
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Camila is a very beautiful and shy girl. She knows how to forgive someone and be understanding. She has very long and curly eyelashes. She is surely Hispanic. If you get camila mad you will regret it. If you do get her mad just forgive your self and she will surely accept your apologie.
I wish I had a bestfriend like camila.
by yoursidechick101 April 02, 2018
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The most beautiful person that you will ever meet. She's smart, funny, and surely Hispanic. Normally has brown hair and brown eyes. Has a very good taste in clothes. Gets amazing grades that help her to get into amazing schools. You're very lucky if you meet a Camila
Who is that over there?? She's so pretty! Must be Camila
by melody!! March 09, 2019
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