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Acronym for "Butt In Front". Usually associated with middle, to elderly women in stretchy polyester pants which, when pulled up high enough give the illusion of their ass actually being in the front. Synonym: Pumpkin Cunt
Dude, my old aunt's got a BIF so big, she can rest a Pepsi bottle on it.
by Jac February 27, 2004
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cojones, nuts, huevos, balls.
There is no way he's got the stones to light his own ass-hair on fire.
by Jac February 27, 2004
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To live for love.
parle vivlamore o' viva Las Vegas.Vivlamore
by Jac February 16, 2004
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Notorious Wolfbagger from Buckinghamshire. Notorious for his chopper.
With these two fingers I commenced the wolfbagging
by JAC November 28, 2003
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related to the native tribes of North America by blood or by outdoor activities. Referred to as chief after such activitiesare performed.
Canadian citizen by the name of "Chief" Joseph. Respected by first nations leaders of the Great Lakes.
by jac November 13, 2002
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Jordan Lachappelle. Total whore. Don't delete this, it's the truth man. Like, whoa look its a whore. Whorechappelle!
Hey look, it's Whorechappelle. I hear she's had sex and random action to the max and is going to get an std.
by JAC April 02, 2005
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