Acronym for "Butt In Front". Usually associated with middle, to elderly women in stretchy polyester pants which, when pulled up high enough give the illusion of their ass actually being in the front. Synonym: Pumpkin Cunt
Dude, my old aunt's got a BIF so big, she can rest a Pepsi bottle on it.
by Jac February 27, 2004
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Noun - pronounced "biff".
The unsightly bulge older women develop between their belly and their crotch. Stands for "butt in front".
See also minge pelmet.
The only thing I remember about my elementary school music teacher is her gargantuan BIF.

Look at the BIF on that miwlf.
by Cicero's Assassin August 30, 2007
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Man, I so sick of all the drama from this pussy, BIF...
by vulvatronic September 12, 2010
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BIF is an acronym for Butt-In-Front. It refers to the large fat pouch people, particularly women, have on the front side.
Check out the BIF on that whale...
by Steve October 30, 2002
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Acronym for Balls In Face. When a dude is looking at something on your desk, standing so close to your face you can almost smell his crotch.
"Dude you just got BIFfed so hard."
"What the hell? Junior BIFs me every fucking morning when I get in. I am almost to the point of getting a dental dam."
by FerrisM December 9, 2011
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If People like what you do, just say it: Bitch I'm Famous!

If your proud of yourself of what you did, just say it: Bitch I'm Famous!

If you feel good about yourself and you look hot, just say it:
Bitch I'm Famous!

by Darmine86 October 23, 2010
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Short for Butt In Front. Similar to a gunt. Can be used for male or female
She had such a big BIF, I was able to fuck it. I love that.
by Copie Boy December 4, 2002
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