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Hyped up; Crazy; No way of controling one who is amped.
My friend John gets AMPED when drinking mountain dew and listening to lil john!! WHAAAATT!! OK!!! YEEEEAH!!!
by Insane V April 16, 2004
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Just the coolest thing to say nowadays!!! badicker
Hey i talk to you later...Ride The Bull!!!!! Yeeeeehaaaaa!!!
by Insane V April 2, 2004
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An act of Grizzle tearing kalizzle's vagina to smitherines.
Is Dave Raveging Reemer AGAIN!!! She will need a wheel chair when he is done!!!
by Insane V April 13, 2004
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If you seen the chappelle show it is something like the sex contract, but without an actuall paper document. It's when a girl doesn't want her boyfriend to have sex on spring break so she makes an agreement with him, coming to conclusion they can only have oral sex with other people.
Thow Thow: "did you say something about an oral agreement."
Lawdogg: "Yeah!! It's cool right?"
Thow Thow: (thinking in his head) "This bitch is crazy!!"
Lawdogg: (thinking in her head) "I am gonna get soooo many guys to eat my pussy on springbreak!!!WOO!! '04 '04!!!"
Insane V, Griz and FJ: (Laughing in the background)
Luda: (Strummin off in the background)
Hulk: "RAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Skank Bitches!!!"
Luda: (thinking in his head) "I think i am gonna slip Lawdogg the sleepy slipper!!"
by Insane V April 23, 2004
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To walk into a group of people and release a fart that smells so bad people have to evacuate the area. After doing it walk away to keep your identity.
As John, Vince, Doug, and Thion-a-Thoin are talking in a group, Dave walks by releasing a quick timmy. Dave then walks away with his little giggle like usual.
by Insane V April 14, 2004
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