A crazy ,emotional ,funny person who will always have your back and loves takis
Omg Caron just saved me from getting in trouble
by AshleyNicole September 8, 2017
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Usually a last name, it can be confused for Karen which is way different because Karen's are crazy moms
Person: What's your last name

Other Person: Caron

Person: ok so K-A-R-E-N

Other person: no C-A-R-O-N *thinking in mind* I'm not a crazy bitch Karen
by I can't think of a username 56 October 25, 2019
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practically perfect in every way with a heart of gold. Truly fantastic, amazing and loves 'bandcamp'
Wow isn't she amazing, she's a real Caron!
by sum1-special February 3, 2010
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Being lonely due to the never ending Carona virus.
Biden said there's nothing he can do about the virus, so I guess we will be trapped inside for another caronely year.
by qb603 February 1, 2021
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When he sang about Leslie Caron, "Thank Heaven, for little girls", in "Gigi", Maurice Chevalier was feeling caronely.
The only "Caron" I know is Leslie, because corona virus (crown virus), is spelled "o" after the first letter, so caronely must mean, "Thank heaven for little girls."
by El Lobo February 14, 2021
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The very handsome, funny, & quick witted host of the following shows:

"Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This"

"Jory Caron Opens Mail and Shit"

"GTFO My Deck"

Loves to laugh, pretty much at everything Zachary Little says (and seriously you can't blame him).

Loves chocolate, but not white chocolate, that shit is nasty.

Is not a fan of Licorice.

Loves getting Candy in the mail. Especially candy he's never tried.

Lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Makes videos on You Tube to appease his huge fan base.
Jory Caron is one sexy mother fucker!

I wish Jory Caron would respond to my tweet but he has over 9400 follows.

Jessica:OMFG Angel!! Jory Caron Friended me on FaceBook!!
Angel: OMG OMG OMG! you're SO LUCKY it sucks the FaceBook cap is 5000! Im so jealous!!

I love it when Jory Caron throws something in the microwave and then high tails it behind the tin foil shield.
by janetlc69 December 30, 2011
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The host on youtube show 'Is it a good idea to microwave this? ' who is really funny and has a brilliant accent.
microwave blows up

Jory Caron : I would say this is a bad idea.
by Lydders June 29, 2009
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