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One who uses the Bible to attack/defame others' characters instead of as a guide to proper living. These people tend to be depressingly ignorant of anything else except the Bible and behavior as expected by the religious.
That Bible Thumper makes me so sick! Every day, he stands on my porch shouting about how I'm doomed to a flaming eternity in Hell just because I watch Crank Yankers and South Park!
by RatchetBoo September 27, 2003
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Originating from typically southern US fundamentalist Christian sects given to evangelizing in a very outgoing, rumbunctious way, often characterized by a religious bigot standing on a street corner, with or without foam around his mouth, shouting about how we should all turn to Christ, whilst vigourously thumping his soft covered bible for emphasis.
Their actions usually do more harm than good to their cause and bring into disrepute and ridicule those more reticent Christians.
He's a bible thumper, so don't go near him.
He thinks everything in the bible should be taken literally; he's a foolish bible thumper.
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
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(So called because some evangelists literally thump their Bibles to emphasize important parts of a sermon.)

A person whose religious beliefs include strict adherence to the Bible. He is likely to deliver angry sermons to anyone who believes differently, even if that "difference" means belonging to a church that disagrees with his interpretation of Scriptures.
DeeDee's co-workers called her a Bible-thumper after she tacked gospel tracts onto the office bulletin board.
by Ingeborg S. NordΓ©n May 15, 2006
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1: Complementary context.
An enthusiastic preacher or person (might sometime literally thump the Bible) that seems to know the Bible well and not be wishy-washy and not to be poitically correct. Preaches fire and brimstone. esp. as a means of exhortation or rebuke.

2: In a negative critical context.
A preacher or a person that is hypocritically critical of others, as they are often worse of the people they are chastising. A person that uses religion to try to inoculate themselves from criticism. A con artist that does know much or some of the word of God, but does not abide by it, but tries to use religion to pretend to be an honest good person for personal gain. A religious whitewash. These individuals have a tendency to be on either end of the spectrum. Spending most of their time criticizing others; or they try to do token good deeds or token crusades to try to make themselves look like saints. Often they spent most of their time criticizing others to draw attention away from their own sins. Often they spend much time making token efforts, to draw attention away from their own sins.
1: Complementary context.
Every time I asked the minister about a moral dilemma in my life; he will respond off the top of his head with a Bible verse or a religious parable to help guide me in the right direction and make sense of my dilemma and to put my dilemma in perspective. He’s a Bible thumper.

2: In a negative critical context.
Frequently the minister gave a sermon demonizing infidelity and chastising the congregation; yet it was later found out that he himself was having affairs. He’s just a Bible thumper.
by scheme fighter November 25, 2010
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The cause of many major wars, genocides, and crimes against humanity during the last 20 centuries.
The Middle Ages and the European colonization of Africa and the Americas were the glory days of the Bible thumpers.
by AYB July 18, 2003
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An individual who justifies his/her actions by quoting Bible passages. They often reject scientific evidence, pass judgement on others, and have a know-it-all attitude. Most have lost the ability to think critically.
As our Biology teacher showed us pictures of Lucy, a fairly well-preserved Australeopithicus fossil and tried to explain how she had characteristics of both extinct primates and some current primates such as apes, chimpanzees, and humans, some Bible thumper in the back of the room yelled out "We din't come from no monkeys!"
by toolguru October 25, 2007
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A mega-right wing Christian wacko. Belives their life must be based on the Bible. The same goes for our goverment, it will be based on the Bible. Usually a homophobic, pro-life, redneck idiot.

See George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, right-wing nutjob

Followers: Huzzah!
by AutisticPsycho November 14, 2004
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