A certain time. Where you reminisce the good old days. When everything was easy. You didn't have any worries in the world. No bills, no debts, nothing. Something to look back to and think "Man, I miss them days". Going down nostalgia lane and reminiscing your school days maybe, or just aching for one last moment to visit your first girlfriends house, or the house where you grew up. The memories will never die. They will always remain in your heart.
In 'The Office', David Brent says to the Swindon lot, let's have a photo....without YOU. The Glory Days.....quoting, him, Tim, Dawn, Gareth...all the old crew, just remembering what a wonderful time they used to have.....keep hope!!
by Dappa34 August 11, 2005
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n. or adj. A middle-aged man whose prime has long passed, and is in denial that the glory days ever ended. Particularly applies to ex-jocks who now work as ineffective high school math or science teachers just so they can coach football and flirt inappropriately with cheerleaders.
Check out Glory Days over there, with his tan and his arm around that underage girl.
by bstppldrmr July 31, 2011
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Days we remember as better and more fulfilling than today. Glory days are often associated with popularity and successful party throwing.
Remember our Pop Culture Spelling Bee? Those were the glory days.
by Lily and Kaylene January 28, 2008
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Little Mix's 5th studio album released in 2016 including their hit songs Shout Out to My Ex, Touch, Power, and No More Sad Songs. The album also has many other great songs.
Oh my god did you hear Little Mix's 5th album?

You mean Glory Days?
by No More Sad Songs March 3, 2021
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A syndrome that causes a middle age man to believe he is back in highschool or college when he was having his glory days in a particular sport. The sport is usually baseball. Someone with this syndrome will most likely be found being the assistant coach for a highschool baseball team, wearing the full uniform, looking like one of the players only 30-40 years older. They can't seem to grasp the fact that they're never going to play again and have to get as close to the action as they can.
Fred: "Why's that old man wearing the full uniform?"
Tom: "Is he playing?"
Fred: "Oh god, I know what's going on here. That guys not playing he just has glory day syndrome."
by Puppetkiller November 22, 2009
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When an older guy who is balding is trying to feel for his hair which no longer exists to fix it.
"Dude did you see Uncle Jim at the wedding last night?"
"Yeah!, he was totally holding on to the glory days!"
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