Only the most diddliest, doodliest, fiddliest, foodliest, friendliest neighbour-ino in Springfield!
Ned Flanders is the happiest man in Springfield....-a-diddly!
by TheForgottenSpark November 13, 2006
That one christian neighbor. He will make or break you.

Don't let his kindness fool you!
You: "Is that Ned Flanders?! Oh no! Hide my wife!"

Ned Flanders: "Hi-Diddly-Ho, Neighborino!" *Steals your wife*
by Kammilou May 2, 2022
A dorky, God-fearing, neighborly type of man with glasses; as seen on the Simpsons.
Look Ned Flanders, stop taking the Bible too seriously and get a life.
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
A boring man, someone who is extremely busy and just sooooo annoying. Theyre plain and a waste of time
Nah i dont like him like that, hes too much of a ned flanders

shutup ned flanders
by ittybittyt April 17, 2019
Leaving fecal matter on one's upper lip in the style of Ned Flanders' mustache.
1) I totally gave my boss a Ned Flanders upon leaving my former place of employment.

2) Ned Flanders that ho.

3) I'm about to Ned Flanders you.

4) You hold him down; I'll give him a Ned Flanders.

5) I'll Ned Flanders your face.
by The Adventurers August 7, 2009
An extremely God-fearing man, with creepy little kids named Rodd and Todd. Used to have a wife named Maude, but she was hit by a barrage of t-shirts shot from bazookas at a NASCAR race, causing her to fall off the bleachers. Has an extremely ripped chest, and had a relationship with Sar Sloane, the biggest hoe in Hollywood (in the Simpsons anyway). Also a huge Beatles fan.
Homer: I didn't know you were such a Beatles fan.

Flanders: Of course I am, the Beatles were bigger than Jesus! But your boy went Yoko and broke up my collection...
by waAGhA! March 15, 2005
Overlytolorant, Overly Devout Christian neighbour of Homer Simpson. A Widower since 2000, Has 2 sons todd and rodd. Ned works at the leftorium but only earns $27 more per week than Homer. Raised by Overly tolerant Beatnik Parents. Hated by Homer Simpsons and Overly annoying to Reverand Lovejoy. has a highly annoying but very funny catchphrase consisting of the overuse of 'Diddly' in just about every sentance.
FLANDERS: their not perfect but the lord says love thy neighbour
HOMER: shut up flanders
FLANDERS: Okily-dokily-doo.
by Brother Number One February 10, 2005