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The hot pec dude from the rap/rock group Crazy Town. His body rivals that of the studly Hayato Kanzaki, except Shifty has two (2) nipple rings, some other piercings (I forgot where...) and a bunch of tattoos all over his torso.
Both Shawn and I want to marry Shifty Shellshock....she gets him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while I have him Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday we will decide who gets him by either flipping a coin (winner= 2 out of 3)or playing a match of Worms Armageddon (winner = 2 rounds)
by RatchetBoo June 15, 2003
A person who is unfortunate to have a face that resembles an anus
by RatchetBoo July 12, 2003
One of the best shows ever! It is made by the same artist who made Ren and Stimpy. It's about four guys(Rip, Slab, Chunk, and Crag)who live with their mom and lab assistant Jimmy at Ripcot and fight crime. Some people believe they're gay because of the the stuff they do on the show, but they're not. The show is just basically a parody of past superhero shows and the lives of superheroes. It is a hilarious show.
Shawn B. favorite Ripping Friend is Chunk because he always says/does something dumb.
by RatchetBoo April 27, 2003
A big juicy butt on a guy that resembles Vegeta's butt when he wears that blue spandex stuff. Also called a badonkdadonk butt.
D.H has a Plump Succulent Vegeta Butt
by RatchetBoo May 25, 2003
Shawn luvs Needle-Noggin! ha hahahhahahahaha :P
by RatchetBoo August 18, 2003
Long green vegetables that can be used in salads or as a dildo. Common among stuck-up jill-offs and crotchety old ladies.
Alex said he saw Mrs. Duboise buy the 6 longets cucumbers at the Fruit Market yesterday morning.
by RatchetBoo June 21, 2003
Cute little Normal type Pokemon that looks like a puppy. Eevee can evolve into the following five Pokemon by using the methods below:
1: Vaporeon-water stone
2: Jolteon- thunder stone
3: Flareon- fire stone
4: Espeon- get it to evolve from happiness during the day
5: Umbreon- get it to evolve from happiness during the night
Eevees are so cute!
by RatchetBoo July 26, 2003