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Someone who mindessly follows and emulates anything and everything in the name of fame/recognition. A waste of flesh and brain cells.
Many of the kids where I live are sheep.
by RatchetBoo April 26, 2003

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One who uses the Bible to attack/defame others' characters instead of as a guide to proper living. These people tend to be depressingly ignorant of anything else except the Bible and behavior as expected by the religious.
That Bible Thumper makes me so sick! Every day, he stands on my porch shouting about how I'm doomed to a flaming eternity in Hell just because I watch Crank Yankers and South Park!
by RatchetBoo September 27, 2003

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The result of unprotected sex: a little helpless thing that cries,poops,pees,sleeps, eats, etc.
Also, what J.M looks like
Ways NOT to have a baby:
Don't have sex at all (it works)
Use birth control
by RatchetBoo June 08, 2003

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Deliciously plump, or carrying your extra weight very well.
Me- all the guys dig my big hips, my succulent boobs and my juicy Avalanche behind! They freak out every time I say I'm going on a diet...
by RatchetBoo September 24, 2003

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Something that should not be worn by fat people or those who hate getting wedgies.
My next-door neighbor has a spandex bathrobe. What a dummy!
by RatchetBoo April 27, 2003

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90's kids show that should have stopped after the third sesaon. Everything after that is gay.
My cousins loved watching Power Rangers until they started going into space and fighting dinosaurs and crap like that.
by RatchetBoo July 07, 2003

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Cute little Normal type Pokemon that looks like a puppy. Eevee can evolve into the following five Pokemon by using the methods below:
1: Vaporeon-water stone
2: Jolteon- thunder stone
3: Flareon- fire stone
4: Espeon- get it to evolve from happiness during the day
5: Umbreon- get it to evolve from happiness during the night
Eevees are so cute!
by RatchetBoo July 26, 2003

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