Let's say you have a favorite band member, your bias. Then one of the other members does something that makes you rethink who your bias is. Therefore "Bias wrecker"
Army fan:"Oh my god Jimin is SO CUTE"
*see's picture of suga dressed as naruto*
Army fan:😐😑😐😳
by Kpop❤️ forever2001 February 14, 2016
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A guy or girl (ussualy in a kpop group) that will not have mercy on you and wreck your bias list. But that's alright!
Jimin is such a bias wrecker!
by RrginaMedina.000 April 24, 2016
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In k-pop you have a bias (your favourite member of a band), but you may get a bias wrecker. A bias wrecker is one who makes you rethink who your bias is. Usually in some cases,
your bias is the one who you can relate to the most, and a your bias wrecker is who you find the most attractive.
This is mine when I became an army:
Me: yep. Kim Namjoon (RM) is definitely my bias. He's so smart and cute.
*incomes Jin*
Me: ooo;)
*sees the way he dresses*
Me: omg:(
*speeks english*
Me: ahhhh!
*laughs in the famous Kim Seokjin way*
Me: that's it. I'm dead. Kim Seokjin is now my bias wrecker:)

Don't get me wrong tho, I love all of BTS. RM is still my bias, and Jin is my bias wrecker:) if I could have 7 biases, well there we go. They're all my favourite:)
by BangtanBoys7 September 2, 2019
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Say you have a favorite person in a group (bias), and then you see another member of the group that makes you turn your head away from your bias, place the two members as equals, switch position of liking, or start questioning who your bias is.
Insert Name Hey, who is your Monsta X bias? Mines is Kihyun.
Y/N It has to be Hyungwon.
Insert name Oh my God, look at these funny moments of Minhyuk. Wait who was your bias again? Sorry I was watching this and stopped listening.
Y/N Uh... I don't really know.

In that scenario, bias wrecker is Minhyuk.
by EpicFangirlingHoe May 24, 2016
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in a k-pop group there is you favourite, your bias and than there is another member who makes you rethink who your bias is and puts them on equal platforms.
min suga is my bias but damn nam joon is such a bias wrecker for me like rap monster who no it's only dance monster
by aussiecuntsismenamemate September 23, 2019
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Bias wreckers are one or more other members of the kpop group your bias is in. they storm in and destroy your bias list leaving it in shreds, until your left with them and them only. Bias wreckers make it impossible to stay loyal to your bias, that is, if you don't make your bias wrecker your bias or second bias.
Kpop fan 1: Who's your bias in stray kids?
Kpop fan 2: um Bangchan
Kpop fan 2: *think of bias wrecker Lee Know*
Kpop fan 2: and Lee know
Kpop fan 1: oh cool okay.
Kpop fan 2: *in their mind*: dangit. you did it again Lee Know.
by JhopesSpriteu January 30, 2021
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Used in the kpop community, a "Bias Wrecker" is a member of the idol group that interrupted your concentration on a certain member.
RM is my ultimate bias, but in VAV I prefer Baron... the thing is Anyo always gets in the way, hes my Bias Wrecker
by Tokyo_the_Cow March 10, 2020
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