the best and cutest stage name, which is unique, for the only dancing gem lee minho from stray kids. he’s a caring, lovely and fun person. he loves making other people laugh, which is why he often posts weird selfies on ig. lee know rocks every concept and dances. he’s a powerful vocalist, as well as a powerful rapper. plus he loves cats, which is why he has three and the cutest cat phone case.
i know, you know, lee know
*shiny eyes, biggest smile*
by 98lino October 11, 2019
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one of the most talented people you’ll ever see in your life. Unbelievably intimidating when he’s performing and a powerful dancer. Loves teasing his members as a way of showing his affection and love towards them. Is a dad of three (3) - and i cannot stress this enough, 3 - cats. He donates every month to a unicef campaign that helps children with difficult conditions and also bought things like earrings to help saving the polar bears or a bag made of recycled and eco friendly material.

In conclusion: Lee Know bestest boy who deserves the world.
stay 1: hey, have you seen Lee Know‘s recent Instagram post?

stay 2: you mean the one with the filter? i have! haha, he is such a dork, i love it.

stay 1: i have actually heard that he always laughs to himself and gets all happy when he takes pictures with those funny filters, i’m so sad.
by minho‘s nose mole October 11, 2019
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Real name Lee Minho but he chose this stage name because his name is common. He is a vocalist and a main dancer of Stray Kids. He’s very talented and used to be a backup dancer before joining Stray Kids. He loves cats and has three of them named Soonie, Doongie, and Dori.
*Stray Kids on ASC*
LK: I know, you know, Lee Know!
by cinnaminho October 11, 2019
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Lee Know, real name Lee Minho, is the dancing gem of stray kids. he is a kind and loving cat father of 3 who just wants to cuddles and to dance. He is extremely smart and funny but also so heckin strong. He loves his other member with his whole heart and they love him just as much. He chose this stage name because he didn’t want to be confused with one of his many seniors with the same name, he picked Lee Know specially because he knows himself. Please protect this wholesome boy at all cost.
“Have you watch dawn?” “You mean the amazing dance performance choreographed and preformed by the one and only Lee Know and that thing that we should all stream? Of course.”
by sunlightlix October 11, 2019
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The amazingly talented main dancer, Lee Know aka Lee Minho of Stray Kids! He is also an amazing vocalist and rapper. He used to be a back-up dancer for BTS during 2017! He is the most kindest, caring soul out there. Although he may seem somewhat intimidating at first, once you get to know him, he's most definetely the opposite of intimidating. He is constantly helping members when they need him, whether it be helping Felix with his korean or helping members with their dancing!
Person 1: Who's that dancer?

Person 2: Oh, he's Lee Know! He's the main dancer of Stray Kids!
by leeminho October 12, 2019
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Also known as Lee Minho is 1/9 of a project group by JYP called Stray Kids, he is a really talented main dancer, vocalist and rapper. We stan a multi-talented king 🤩
person a: do you know Lee Know
person b: yes, he’s part of Stray Kids
by emvskz October 11, 2019
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1/9 of stray kids. main dancer. is a great and passionate person who cares about his members a lot. is known to participate in charities and movements for good causes.. the best boy. lee minho best boy, best dancer of this century, best cat dad. has the most beautiful eyes and pouty lips and cheeks.. he's literally bread when he does this : . his giggle is absolutely melodic and his smile? breathtaking. stream dawn because you obviously need to see his talent so you won't have to keep putting stupid, and very rude things about him here.
lee know is a great stage name, don't you agree?
by eggplants have nicotine October 12, 2019
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