Leader & rapper of Korean hip-hop group BTS.
Real name: Kim Namjoon (김남준)
Born: September 12, 1994 in

He also starred in popular children's TV show "Franklin" running from November 3, 1997 – June 26, 2004.
Dalai Llama: Have you heard Rap Monster's verse on the new cypher?

Me: Nah son I was busy watching him on Franklin!
by kim nap joon April 26, 2014
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Member of the famous k-pop group called BTS Kim Nam joon formally known as rap monster.
RM - I'm rap monster. It's R-A-P MONSTER NOT D-A-N-C-E MONSTER
by BTS' hoe October 7, 2019
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NOT dance monster guys, it’s rap monster, not dance monster.
“is that dance monster from BTS?”
nO that’s rap monster. not dance monster.”
by bea :^) June 7, 2020
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Rap monster is a korean rapper who is better than every other rapper in the game. (sikeeeee, he’s doo doo)
“Bruh my bars are almost as good as Rap Monsters
by dat_boi_isaiah November 24, 2018
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All people that thinks that 'RM' stan for 'Rap Monster' they're wrong. The real meaning of 'RM' is 'Real Me'.
For example do not call 'RM' Rap Monster because it's NOT .
Just call him RM.

Is 'RM' a Rap Monster? No, it's Real Me.
by Yoongi's Kumamon March 21, 2018
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A wonderful person who can rap and dance 😉. He may be underated even though he shouldn't be. He's Bangtan Sonyeondan's (BTS) hardworking leader. He loves Ryan, pink dolphins, and cute filters. He is the named as the 'God of Destruction' because he often breaks stuff and our bias lists. He has these really cute dimples that makes a lot of ARMYs' (our fandom) hearts flutter and die.
Rap Monster is my oppa.
Kim Namjoon is my future husband. Just wait... :D
Rap Monster//Kim Namjoon is the best leader ever! <3
by •ω• June 4, 2017
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