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A Kpop group that stands for Very Awesome Voice. 7 handsome talented men that deserve all the love and support. Fans are names VAMPZ.
These adorable dorks are: Ayno, Jacob, Ziu, Lou, Ace, Baron and St.Van
Stan VAV they are talented”
“Those 7 dorks? Yes it’s VAV lmao”
“VAV are kings
by Michkpop16 October 14, 2018
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abbreviation for the Farsi term "Vaveyla", meaning "Oh My God"
Can also be used as a substitute for phrases like "F--- My Life (FML)", and "Shoot/Kill me now"
(1) Vav, I meant to text my friend that Amanda bother's the shit out of me and that she always smells like B.O., but I accidentally texted that to Amanda. Vav.

(2) Vav, I just burped really loudly in the middle of the dead silently library and the two people sitting next to me got up and moved.

(3) Vav, I'm drunk.
by Vav Queen November 29, 2012
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It is not "Come get some!"

Stemming from the famous multiplayer online first person shooter, the keystrokes v-a-v made a local voice file play saying "How'd that feel?"

Can be used in place of any instance when "How'd that feel?" would be appropriate.
Fucking server just redjacked me, vav.
by little red monkey August 29, 2006
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Vav stands for, "Volcanic Ash Victim"
Why is Chris Moyles not on the radio today?

Oh, he is a vav stuck in New York.
by Tinbum April 20, 2010
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Woah that girl is Vav, I'm gonna ask for her number.
by Hercules12 January 11, 2017
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