The name of one member in the lejindairy group BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His real name is Namjoon and his old stage name used to be Rap monster but now it is RM. He's the leader in the group.
"Wow RM's rap in Mic drop is soo lit"

"Who's your bias in BTS mine's is RM"
by Ghgiuvkuvkuvk November 26, 2017
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The new name for Rap Monster of BTS.
fan: hey Rap Monster
RM: its RM now
Fan: isn't that still short form for rap Monster though...?
RM: I don't know where you got this information, but its entirely inaccurate.
by Tae's little bae January 15, 2018
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1.) You got no jams!!!!
2.) J-hoooooooooooooopppppppeeeeeee!!!!!!
RM: you got no jams my jamless child
JM: :'(
by YOUGOTNOJAMSJIMIN January 2, 2018
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RM is a guy who hoes around a lot but will meet a person who he wants to stay forever with even though his anger issues are a problem at times which hurts the people he love and regrets later. But his love for that one person is so much that no one can love that person better than rm.
girl 1: oh! look its rm he is such a player and a bitch.
girl 2: no he is not people misunderstand him he is such a nice guy.
by someoneyouknowlove00 November 23, 2021
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A returned LDS missionary. Highly prized by LDS girls who have a sweet spirit and burning testimony.
I hear she's dating an RM. I hope my temple reccomend is up to date.
by XRM August 21, 2004
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RM is Korean rapper Kim Namjoon's stage name. He is the leader of BTS, likes pigeons and is the god of destruction. Although he made some questionable decisions relating to his hair in 2013, he is now VERY good looking with silver and blonde hair.

When you're hungry, chicken is the best.

Jimin, you got no Jams

Support joonie and STREAM MONO.
Even though RM has an IQ of 148 he still manages to break everything he touches.
by lucypm October 29, 2019
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Royal Marines. Much finer than the United State's Marine Corps.
I am a RM
royal marine
by christ0pherjack January 18, 2006
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