People who go to wordpsychobilly/word shows
I'll meet you at the Wrecker's Ball
by Subcultural Girl September 6, 2003
Balls so large that they could knock down a building like a wrecking ball.
cookie monster has wreckers
by pinched grundle May 18, 2003
A band comprised of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp, on Maverick Records.

Originally to be named the "Cass County Homewreckers."
Yeah, so I saw The Wreckers on One Tree Hill, and was like, "Wait, are they a real band?"
by adamjk October 23, 2005
A large party usually with alcoholic beverages.
Derived from 'House Wrecker'.
There is going to be a huge wrecker at John's tonight!
by Stesamee December 8, 2006
A really strong person who could beat the shit out of you.
"Dude Taylors a wrecker!"
by Tcoll April 6, 2005
When Your sweet adorable boyfriend has a huge thick dick and wrecks your pussy like a wrecking ball
by Lolaluv May 23, 2017
arse hole, crap pipe, clay lane, tradesman's entrance, rusty bullet hole, sheriff's badge, teatowel holder, ringhole, ring piece, turd pipe, brown eye...etc
Why do they call it the wrecker? Cos it fucking wrecks - thats right!
by MJ Cha'mone August 27, 2003