In Kpop, a bias is a member of an idol group that is your favorite. An ult bias, or ultimate bias, is your favorite bias out of all of your biases
I have a lot of biases, but J-Hope is my ultimate bias.
by pepperminthobi January 3, 2018
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ultimate bias is a term used mostly (if not entirely) in the world of kpop, usually a bias in a kpop group is your favourite member, however a ultimate bias is a biad held to a higher standard, a bias you love more than your other biases, however you can have multiple ultimate biases, they are sometimes referred to as “ults
Person A: who’s your ultimate bias this week?

Person B: oMg I hAvE tOo MaNy BuT iD lOwKeY fUcK tAeYoNg FrOm NcT
by 100-uear-goku May 5, 2018
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