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He belongs to a phenomenal Korean Pop band (BTS) and should be clawing his way up your bias list right at this moment ! His stage name is Jin, not to mention that he's one of the greatest visuals of all time. He is known for his soothing and satisfying vocals and otherworldly charms. His dad jokes and corny puns are out of this world, and I promise you, if you blast his laughter over loudspeakers for at least 10 minutes, you will surely go to heaven. He is also one of Gordon Ramsey's top rivals.
Kim Seokjin is such a baller! Did you see the way he marinated that kim-chi??
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by tteokjin May 02, 2017
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Guys he stepped out of a car and went viral, what can this man not do?
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by Chogiwakid June 11, 2018
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Kim Seokjin (Jin) is from the international sensation kpop group, BTS. He's known for his godly visuals, gaining nicknames like 'Worldwide Handsome'. But is underestimated when it comes to his position as a vocalist, dancer, performer, and the most caring eldest brother of the group. Truly, he deserves more love and appreciation for his skills and personality and not just his looks.
Person 1: do you stan BTS?

me: yes i do. i love everyone especially Kim Seokjin, the most beautiful and precious angel in the entire world.
by sinvocals February 01, 2018
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the most slept on, ignored & disrespected member of bts, known for his amazing visuals&underappreciated voice. also known as, pink princess (lmao y'all need to stop calling him this. he's a grown ass man, just bc he likes the colour pink does not make him a princess)
eomma jin (stop)
car door guy
third member from the left
prince jin / seokprince
and maybe a few more nicknames that idk
{ hes also the best at pulling off angsty emo teen looks. see no more dream&we are bulletproof ;) }
friend ; who's your bias in bts ?
me ; prince kim seokjin :)
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by JlMSlNS February 18, 2018
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AKA Worldwide Handsome, Car Door Guy, stage name is Jin, my friend's bias (no surprises there), and oldest member of Kpop band BTS.
Friend: hey you know Kim Seokjin
me: ye why
Me: k can bai
by BANGTAN FOR LYFE AL November 20, 2018
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Also known as the Pink Princess, is the oldest hyung of the Korean boy band BTS and goes by the stage name 'Jin'. He is the visual of the group making him very confident in his face (and his broad shoulders). He loves Mario, food, and the colour pink very much.
"Do you know which one is Kim Seokjin?"
"The hot one on the far left?"
by Enfys Visare October 09, 2016
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