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adorable leader of Stray Kids, multi talented, he raps, sings, dances, produces music PLUS he's a kangaroo
by SkzStanCloudy July 18, 2018
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The adorable Australian leader to a legendary K-pop group ( Stray Kids ) full of 9 legendary memes

Famous quotes:

- Rubber ducky you're the one
1. Stan talent, Stan Bang Chan
by 134340.140503 January 06, 2019
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A cute Australian bean that is the leader of rookie K-pop group Stray Kids also known as SKZ. He is a multi-talented person that can rap, sing, dance, compose/create music, and play guitar. UwU what more could you ask from this amazing human being that you should definitely check out and stan Stray Kids.
Wow! Look at Bangchan! He's so talented and cute uwu
by Ilikekpopanddontsaycrap January 10, 2019
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Bang Chan is the leader of Stray kids. He produces, writes, raps, sings, and dances. He is such a caring person who puts his members struggles before his own. He is the type of person to always make sure you are okay.

Bang Chan is the type of person that would come to your window at 2am telling you that y’all are going on a late night drive and either talk about what’s been bothering the two of you or just sit in a comfortable silence cause he has a comfortable aura that you always want to be around.
I wish I had a friend like Bang Chan

Bang Chan is such a comfortable guy to be around
by jeontokyo_ March 19, 2019
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