adorable leader of Stray Kids, multi talented, he raps, sings, dances, produces music PLUS he's a kangaroo
by SkzStanCloudy July 18, 2018
bang chan is the bestest leader ever & he is the definition of an emotional support Kpop boy. He is extremely talented and produces the best most meaningful songs for his STAYs. In conclusion, Stan bang chan, Stan stray kids for a better life
Stays love bang chan because he is the bestest boy ever, periodt.
by a minho stan December 22, 2019
an angel, writes and produces incredible music, a kangaroo mom of 7 chaotic children; loves stay with his whole heart.
always remember, no matter how much you love lee felix, bang chan will always love him more.
by chanslaptop December 8, 2020
A 5-year old Kangaroo that lives in South Korea, member of a boy group called Slay Kids. It can write songs, sing, rap and dance overall an amazing creatur
,,Have you heard of Bang Chan?,,
,,That talented Kangaroo out of Slay Kids? Of course! ! I love his songs,,
by That hot potato July 1, 2018
my comfort. my role model. hes helped me through so much. i like to listen to his skz player and loop it because his voice gives me chills. he is my everything.
"Did you watch Chan's room? He sang Euphoria on it."

"Bang Chan is everything I hope to be."
by youshouldknowwho October 16, 2020
the best leader to exist, fight me
oh look it’s bang chan, the best leader ever.
by jaybitch October 16, 2020