-is a meaningful notion to people who (1) wouldn't be able to name a significant poet, artist or philosopher, and who, (2) as a rule, are clueless about the discipline of Philosophy (or, at best, can do some name-dropping), and (3) wouldn't know anyone in their family or friendship circle who has ever majored in Philosophy.

-is the notion of following a method (a recipe) in order to achieve success in all aspects of one's life. Such recipes can be accessed on line, through lectures by gurus and yogis (Osho), or any of the books on how to achieve happiness that can be found through Amazon or at the self-help section of your local bookstore.

-is the notion that stands for, or is supposed to sum up, one's ethical beliefs and/or goals in life; differently put, a personal philosophy is a motto expressible in 2 or fewer sentences (e.g., "stay positive and don't let others bring me down" or "you control your own destiny") that is common among people who are steeped in popular culture and/or new age products and practices (from yoga to astrology); who read comics, romance novels, self-help books, new age lit; listen to Norah Jones, watch Sex and the City, enjoy a Thomas Kinkade reproduction; do yoga, feel 'karma', transmit 'vibes', believe in being natural, authentic, organic and in achieving lasting success, love and happiness, which they are brought up to believe they deserve.
personal philosophy may include expressions such as:

"you control your own destiny"

"always do the right thing even if it's the harder thing to do"

"don't blame others for your stupid decisions"

"live for today and not in the past"

"show love as much as possible"

"don't judge people based on almost anything"

"Have fun as much as possible and don't mess with my music or my food"

"I'm a free spirit and live life one day at a time"
by InstitutBenjamenta April 23, 2012
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