A state of being truly confuzzled, bewildered, or just plain confused.

Also, having feelings of wry amusement
The specifics of the quantum physics lecture bemused him.

His unique manner of speaking bemused her.

by buffyfan_5 March 31, 2008
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A state of total confusion and inability to understand or comprehend something.

Conflicting information or action from a source than anticipated.

WTF just happened...
I was first told one thing and then totally bemused when the opposite happened.
by Ace4kingAce March 8, 2019
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Collins Dictionary: is the feeling that you have when you are puzzled or confused by something
A look of bemusement spread across their faces.
by btpsilveira December 7, 2016
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1)Someone who snitches on there friends to the police because they are a snitch.
2) To snitch to the cops.
1)Bemuse works for the pig pen and tipped off the police on his best friend.
2) Jane bemused the BS after they talked to her.
by The Bomb Squad April 25, 2005
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Unexpected foul-tasting oral contents. Usually fluid.
The warm liquid was so unexpectedly foul-tasting that she almost spat it on to the dinner table; it was a real Bemuse Bouche.
by laurab193 May 8, 2011
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Boringly amused
“I was bemused at the tv program; I’m bemusement that the person over the is seeking attention; bemusing date/year”
I’ve been using this word since before early 1970s, Australia, Melbourne.
by BittemYum December 17, 2019
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