Jesse Jackson's pronounciation of the greatest baseball player of all time!
Henry Aaron hit more home runs than Beirut!
by BigBird1017 March 2, 2008
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a drinking game involving a rack of 10 cups half full of beer at two ends of a ping pong table. Two teams attempt to throw ping pong balls into the cups, re-racking at 6, 3,2, and 1; not 4. This game is NOT called beer-pong. If you think it is, you clearly are not from the north east, and probably throw underhand and enjoy bounce shots.
Hey man, beirut should only be legal in the north east.
by sweetlax February 5, 2006
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1- The Capital of Lebanon- known as "Sin City" of the Middle East
One of the Best cities.. was ranked the number 1 fun city in the world for the year 2009
best nightlife in the whole world where many hollywood celebrities spend their vacations.
hottest girls and men..everybody wishes to be Beiruti
Beirut the only place in the middle East where homosexuality is respected we can find Gay bars, gay hotels, gay magazines...
not only night life is known as well as tourism and architecture of ancient churches and amazing art !
people are very friendly and treat their guests like family

2-A beer game (not Beer Pong) where 2 stacks of 6 cups are set up in pyramid formation and filled with two beers per stack. Each player shoots once using a longneck bottle cap and if both players make their respective cups in the same turn, then they get to shoot again. After the teams cups are down to six total, the team must "re-rack" or consolidate all of their cups onto the side of the other team's chosing. Depending on house rules, if one team completes the game before the other team can re-rack then a naked run or some other equivelent might be in order.
1- Last night was the best party of my life, i was in beirut and i met that really hot Beiruty was the best night ever i also saw Paris Hilton in the bar im totally comming back to beirut as soon as i get my vacation!

2- I played Beirut yesterday night and i lost now i am seeing photos of me naked on the internet!
by P.S.3.U.D.0.N.Y.M. February 2, 2010
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Beirut is the largest city in Lebanon and the capital of it. It has a beach and is home to more than 6,090,500 people.
Beirut is a really beautiful place!
by Anone M. Ous July 4, 2019
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1) beer pong, where you try to throw a ping pong ball into cups of beer across the table...other team drinks the made cups.
2) the capital of Lebanon.
1) It ain't just a city in Lebanon. HOLLA!
2) I played 20 games of Beirut in Beirut last night, and this morning I'm paying for that shit, riding the porcelain bus
by Nick D February 13, 2003
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A term in beer pong used when you eliminate the opposing team through methods besides sinking all the cups.
1) Getting the ball in a cup your oppenent is holding.
2) Getting the ball in the same cup your teammate just made.
These methods result in instant victory.
I predict that the you will be beiruted in the first round.
by The Kaz April 28, 2006
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a sweet indie folk band that uses trumpet, organ, piano, ukelele, mandolin, glockenspiel, violin, tambourine, and cello..their music gives you the feeling of being in Eastern Europe.
I was playing Beirut and for a second, I thought I was somewhere in the Middle East.
by mydogsrockyeahtheydo February 2, 2008
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