someone who smokes a lot of green. he one teams himself on a regular basis. trys to one team other people with little success. It means sex
that guy just tryed to one team me. i think he is gay
by marc roussel September 11, 2006
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A group or team that relies solely on one person within that team.
Liverpool are a one-man team.
by slim0808 September 17, 2008
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After getting stoned,blazed,high,or faded in this case you use this phrase to express to people that you are high and have in tern scored one for team faded. Team Faded can consist of anyone. Yourself, or everyone you are with while getting faded. This phrase may only be used once by every person after getting high no more than that or else it just gets old. Although if you happen to smoke again in a few hours then you would say Score 2 for Team Faded. any number of times after that you add one point to the board for TEAM FADED.
1) *after smoking a blunt*
Carter- Awww yeauh. Score one for Team FADED!!
Ellie- blah blah blah smoking is bad for you blah blah.
Carter-*tisk* man check out dis foo

2)*after smokeing 2 hours earlier you smoke again*
Carter- Score 2 For TEAM FADED!!!
Ellie- wow again.
Carter-hellz ya.
by smoking in hobo village March 22, 2009
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v. to take one for the team is best seen in the example.

also known as: "jumping on the grenade"
Joe and his four other male friends go to a bar. They come across four very hot women, and one ugly one. Joe, being the good and pure one to his friends, gets with the ugly one to spare his friends the agony.

Buddy 1: "Hey, have you guys seen Joe?"

Buddy 2: "Yea i saw him an hour ago, he left with a real fat grenade"

Buddy 3: "That Joe guy is a good man cause he always takes one for the team"
by Reggie Regg November 24, 2003
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The act of someone willingly making a sacrifice for the benefit of others.
There wasn't enough room in the car, so Jerry decided to take one for the team and stayed behind while the reast of us went to the big concert.

"Man, Jerry warned us that movie would suck, so he went to go see it before the rest of us just to make sure, and man was he right."
"Yeah man, he can really take one for the team.
by TheKoW November 3, 2006
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to allow yourself to get hit by a pitch in order to improve your team's chances of winning a baseball team.
Johnny, I know you can do it. You've struck out every at-bat this season and you really suck, obviously, so get out there and take one for the team!
by Nick D February 27, 2003
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